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You know your business better than anyone. So now you’ve decided to take the plunge and tell people about what you do for a living, but not have to write this yourself, then let me help you. I can offer a number of services that will help your web presence take off.

Blog posts

As well as making sure that you improve your chances in search engines, a  blog is also a way to reach out and engage with your customers. Especially if you update it regularly.

A blog should also be more about your company, products, services, your business knowledge, and even your customers, if you like.  It’s the way you take your company from just a business to being people, like your customers.

I provide blogging services from one-off, well-researched content, to a regular blog on behalf of your business. I’ll even help you promote it on social media if you like.

The following rates assume your website has the capability to host a blog, and that you have already done the back-end stuff to make that happen. This is what it’ll cost you:
Single B log Posts €75 (1,000 words)
Blog Builder Bundle €425: To help you get started, I’ll write 6 blog posts (up to 1,000 words) about your business to get you started, so that you can see what this blogging lark entails. A good blog also engages with comments, which I will do in consultation with you, and help you be able to take this over.
Basic Blog Bundle €800: I will bring your blog to life with a blog post a week for 3 months. I’ll also manage the comments on the blog.
Bigger Blog Bundle €1,500: For this bundle, you’ll get 2 blog posts a week (800 words) for 3 months and full management of comments.
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If you don’t see exactly what you want or think you need, then please get in touch. I’m happy to work out bespoke packages that will really suit your needs.