Mel Francis, Mellifluous ContentDo you have a great business that you know people can benefit from? Does your NGO have a great cause, but no communications department? Are you too shy to shout about it, or too busy doing business to reach a wider audience? It sounds like you need an experienced, and approachable writer and content strategist to give your business the boost it deserves.

What is Mellifluous Content?

I’m Mel. The person putting the Mel in Mellifluous Content, the freelance content and strategy writing service. I’ve been writing for the web since 2008 and blogging since 2011. I provide blogs, copy and strategy for companies or NGOs with products and services that make a difference to people.

I’m  especially interested in writing about food, but if that’s not your area of business, don’t worry. I specialise in giving written content an engaging voice – your voice.

I’ve many years of experience in writing for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The voice I write in varies, depending on whether I’m writing technical reports, campaign strategies, web stories or even social media campaigns.

My background in developing and implementing successful international campaigns means that I can work on a single article, or can help with a longer-term strategy to reach new customers or grow your business. I understand who you can influence, and how to speak to them in a way that makes them sit up and listen, to get you to new goals.

Do you need Mellifluous Content?

If you need copy or a blog for your business and you want your voice to flow like honey from the page, then I could be the writer for you if:

  • You need someone that can write clear and interesting content, from a native English-speaking perspective
  • You’re selling technical and scientific products and services and need someone with a science degree (two of them, actually) to make them accessible to the man on the street, or the woman on the web
  • You’d like to reach your audience in your own voice, but you’re just not as compelling on paper as you are in real life
  • Your products need clear and easy to follow instructions, or easy to follow recipes

As well as writing for a number of NGOs, I have been developing recipes, and writing about food on my blog, Edible Things, where my love of alliteration, making everything from scratch and custard-based foodstuffs really comes out. I’ve always loved brainstorming, and have a real talent for coming up with pithy slogans, which used to appear only on banners, or twitter, but can also help me come up with attractive headlines, and other content. So if you need a food geek, food waste champion, or a keen home-fermenter, as well as someone to give your business a voice, then I could be just what you’re looking for.

And if you are looking for me to write for you, then you’ll need to know what I can offer, and the bottom line. So check out my Work With Me page, for some services, and use the form to order a bundle or to let me know what you need.